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You Found a Secret Button!

There are three total secret buttons.

For finding this one, you get to read a poem that I wrote just for you.

My favorite viewer, audience so dear,

you looked closely, and saw so clear,

an invisible button, not plain to see.

Now we're here, just you and me.

Color and light, texturing and shading,

I've been an artist for years, and my passion's not fading.

I'm a humble artist with much to give,

I put heart into my work and make it live.

Wholly and truly, a generalist at heart,

Lighting and Look Dev both in my art!

I can do all, but what I enjoy doing most,

are these things in which I'm engrossed:

Environment art, sets, sets, and more sets!

The way the sun in the trees makes silhouettes.

Texturing, surfacing, and procedural scattering,

are the positions that I would find most flattering.

My dream position, a fantastic invention,

in feature animation, I'd like to do set extension!

Creating the worlds so grand and so true,

for the movies, that's what I'd love to do.

I hope that you enjoyed this poem I wrote, 

that it left an impression, that I earned your vote.

If you'd love to chat, please say hello!

In fact, you can say hello right below.

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