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About David

David Eisenstadt is a 3D generalist with a BFA in Digital Production from Gnomon School of VFX and Animation. After spending years upon years practicing and refining his artistic abilities both personally and professionally, he was admitted to Gnomon where he eagerly dove into the world of 3D art for Film and Animation. As he progressed through his time at Gnomon, he narrowed down what parts of production he feels most passionate about. Set extension, texturing, shading, and lighting all appeal to him very strongly. David is enthusiastically pursuing a position in feature animation, as well as any other miraculous opportunities along the way, to create the visuals for some of the most beloved movies of all time.


Gnomon School of VFX and Animation
Hollywood, CA — 2019-2022
BFA in Digital Production

CSSSA Animation
Valencia, CA — Summer 2017
(California State Summer School for the Arts.) 


Contract Model & Texture Artist/Concept Artist
The Made Group, Remote
Responsible for designing, modeling, UVing, texturing, and look dev on required assets for a marketing project.

Freelance Artist/ Muralist
Bay Area, Various Locations
Commissioned art pieces designed and delivered on demand. Customer expectations are identified, contracts created and implemented, and projects completed and delivered according to timelines and rigid delivery dates. 

Art Instructor
YoungArt Art Lessons, Pleasanton, CA
Performed art lessons for all ages, primarily younger students. Handled transactions regarding various durations and types of art lessons, drop-in and scheduled. Managed customer relationships.

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Software Skills

Look Development Artist - The Wild Robot

DreamWorks Animation, Glendale, CA
Responsible for interpreting concept art, developing the look, and applying it to provided assets, both environments and characters. Various related responsibilities include scattering, developing new methods of assigning materials, and utilizing proprietary tools in innovative ways.

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International Film Festival Screenings
Original animated film selected to be presented at film festivals on multiple continents.

12-Time Best of Term Award Winner
School-wide quarterly competition at Gnomon recognizing the best work of the previous term. I currently hold the record for the most Best of Term Awards won by a single student since the contest was instituted.



Marvelous Designer


Substance Designer
World Machine

Unreal Engine

Substance Painter

After Effects


Production Skills

Procedural Scattering

Set Extension

Look Dev


Digital Sculpting





ASL (Conversational)

Soft Skills

Fast Learning
Clear Communication
Takes Constructive Criticism
Works Well with a Team
Good Listening

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Rookie of the Year 3D Animation Finalist

Worldwide contest recognizing the best upcoming artist in 3D animation. I was selected as one of a small group to be finalists out of thousands of entrants.

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